Monday, May 17, 2010

i hear/see God in you

a variation on a memory:

entwined in you
is peace, is my heart, is where i want part of me to live, forever
calm with the knowledge that
when you take my body
part of my love comes with it
and with every taking
you are receiving
the love i so deftly have arranged
for you to have, free of all charge
because you deserve someone
who loves you through your faults
through your tantrums
through your insecurities
you deserve someone who loves you
simply because you exist
and though I didn't ask for the job
it's clearly mine
and I wear my badge with honor
despite how illogical
it may seem.

aligned with you
i lay my head
against your chest
and listen for the sounds
of God beating in you
and while i look up at you--
eyes closed; eyelashes curled toward your ceiling--
i say a fervent prayer for you
without moving my lips:
with every beat of your heart
i pray for you,
for your joy,
for your strength,
for God to constantly watch over you,
for you
to be
all that
you don't know
you will be.

no script, no plan, no notes, no nothing, but a fresh fresh memory and a pressing urge to write it, to give it to life so it will always exist. this gift is not from me. this ability is not from me. but i embrace it, as i embrace all the uncanny things life has given me. who would have imagined that the most mature emotions i've experienced to date, would come from a situation so unbalanced?

until the end of time, i'll be there for you, you own my heart and mind--i truly adore you
if God one day struck me blind, your beauty i'd still see, love's too weak to define, just what you mean to me... --Prince, "Adore"


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Miss Malorie said...

I think my heart just smiled :) Thank you for reading (and commenting, even in a speechless state). :)

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