Thursday, May 27, 2010

retribution in dreams

After my incident yesterday, I had a dream today during a nap that I went back to that store, and it was full of white people that looked like they came from the 1960's era of black hatred. There were a couple of other Black people in the store. I still had my 'fro, from what I could see in the dream. When the lady followed me, I stopped her (she was much uglier in my dream, with a short haircut and dirtier appearance) and questioned her as to why she was following me. She right there accused me of stealing gin and vodka. (Which Dollar General doesn't even sell, but I guess it was on my mind after having a conversation last night about what my favorite kind of drink was.)

Her cronies surrounded me and started in on me. I believe I cussed every one of them out, and then as I exited the store, I loudly proclaimed that I would be suing them, or something like that. I saw the two other Black people (males) in the store look at each other, as if to say, hmph, the usual. (You know, that gaze that Black people usually share with each other when non-Black people and Black people alike are cuttin' up.) And then, I left, slamming the door as loudly as possible, instead of exiting quietly and disturbed like I did in real life.

I guess this was my mind's payback for what caused me such distress I was still thinking about it today, when I was reading my book and the characters in the book got racially profiled on New Year's.

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