Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm tired

--I was in Tennessee this past weekend. I've never been to TN, so I was excited to mark this off my list of places I've been. No, I'm not going to write about it right now. It deserves its own post. But it was beautiful. I promise you I'll document it for you soon. I even took my laptop with me to the cabin, knowing damn well that I wasn't going to be in the mood to write anything. When I'm around my family, I just want to be around them, falling back into the familiar role that I always do when they are around.

--I bought a rosary while shopping in TN. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they are supposed to be sacrilegious if worn for fashion purposes*, but all the Hispanic Catholic kids I see wear them, and they look cool. Katharine in Cruel Intentions wore one**, and she was hot... and yeah, so what if I was a Sarah Michelle Gellar stan back then... I still wasn't biased. She was fucking hot. Anyhow, I bought one out of this really earthy, calming store (Earthbound Trading Company... if I had my own place right now, it would essentially be a recreation of this store. I felt like I was at home). I like the way it looks. (80s Madonna cool but classy Malorie chic with the earthy tan tone.) I like the way it sounds (the rosary, not the sentence preceding this one). I like it.

--While under the influence of something-that-shall-not-be-named, I'm pretty sure I almost accidentally told him I loved him. Though it wouldn't have been an accident, and it's no secret. However, this would have been highly unfortunate, and probably would have killed the mood. Or maybe that's just what I tell myself. Who knows. I'm glad I didn't say it. (I fought against my inebriation.) Because love is just not the right word. Prince knew it was too weak to be used for definition purposes.

--Moving is happening. It's happening soon. Who knows where I'll go from where I'll be soon. The only thing I know is that I'll be moving forward. With that knowledge, I need knowledge of nothing else.

*--no, I didn't look this up. But I always remember this as if someone told me, or as if I heard it on a tv special. So, Google be damned--it's late, and I'm not looking it up right now.
**--linking, be damned. It's late. If you don't know that lovely 90s pop culture reference, it's the movie Cruel Intentions, created from the movie Liaisons Dangereux (and my French dictionary is packed away, so that could be incorrectly written or spelled). The 90s version--SMG and Ryan Phillippe (fucking spoiled rich white boy hotness); the Frenchy title--Glenn Close and someone else. Sorry, it was easier to type all that than to link it. Don't ask.

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