Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Jersey & New York, part II

Being that I am never a woman of simply one emotional state, I am here to offer you some of my favorite highlights from my time spent in NJ and NY. (Though, I must make this shit quick... the syrup from this morning's pancakes is probably drying on my dishes as we speak...)

  • Meeting Chavon: We (up until this impromptu vacation) had never met before (in person, that is), so imagine my parents' surprise when I told them I was flying to Jersey to hang with someone I'd never met before. (They understood.) Something in my spirit compelled me, and I just knew she would be cool peeps--and she definitely, definitely was (and is)! We talked about some of everything, from relationships, to traveling, to our exes (who share the same zodiac sign, go figure!), to the craziness of this spur-of-the-moment vacation. She took me all around Jersey and New York, and even walked the Brooklyn Bridge with me, though she's not a fan of heights! To imagine that we had never hung out, or done any talking other than blogging and emailing, or that we didn't technically "know" each other, and that our time spent together went off without a hitch might surprise some, but it didn't surprise me at all. I told you... my spirit compelled me.

---->The "Modern Day Matchmaker" event: I'm sure the rest of the event (the part I didn't see because we left early) was probably cool, but I never recovered from the late entry (the late evening, Manhattan-trapped heat + standing on my feet in flat sandals for 15+ minutes had me feeling slightly dizzy and nauseous, plus I hate breaking your neck to get somewhere on time only to have the event start way late), nor the bougie chick/staff member at the front door (when I held my wrist out so she could put the wrist band on, you know, standard for any club or event, she said, oh, I'm not putting that on for you, with just a hint of bougie bitch please. I felt my Dad's side of the family beginning to seep from my pores.*) That all being said, the idea of the event was better than the reality, though I did get a chance to see two of my favorite bloggers, Belle from A Belle in Brooklyn and The Champ from Very Smart Brothas. (If you've never heard of, or visited either of these two sites... stop reading my shit right now and go check them out... then make sure you come back to finish reading my shit.) That alone was worth the $25 ticket. Okay, that's a lie, but I was very excited to see them, and I wish I could have seen them longer. I just wanted to hear them speak, not hear other people talk about the "crisis" of Black relationships. While leaving the event, I decided that I don't ever want to write specifically about relationships.

  • New Jersey transit/the New York subway: while riding the train from Jersey to New York, I found myself looking at the cables hanging along the train track, and being marveled that humankind could create such a masterpiece of transit. Here at home, I don't use public transportation, so when I travel someplace like NJ & NY, I am always fascinated. Plus, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how anyone could learn all the rails and the stops. That's a lot of shit to know. But my favorite is always the subway. I am always duly fascinated by the different people, the different looks, the different accents... people who can stand up on the subway without holding on to any pole or leaning on anything without falling over deserve the Nobel Prize. (I can barely stand up straight while holding on to the pole.) Getting on the car and trying to find a seat reminds me of childhood musical chairs, and I will admit, I love the rush of air and the sound of the car's wheels grinding against the track as the subway comes in... I'm feeling rather nostalgic right now...

---> interesting characters: From the little Asian boy with the braces asking me if he could take a picture of my feet for a science project (thank God our stop had come, I told him no, smiled, and got off the car... I couldn't figure out whether he was being serious or whether it was some kind of weird joke) to the homeless man in Penn Station who criticized us for not giving him money (I gave him thirty-five cents so he would step out of our personal space bubble... he was cocky as a mu'fucka, believe that), my trip was full of interesting characters. Most cities have them... if you haven't found your interesting character yet, just go sit out in the park for a while... you'll find them.

  • The Colombian BBQ: from being welcomed so warmly (though I was definitely a stranger there, I didn't feel like one at all), to delicious food, plenty of beer, amazing conversation with a fellow I'm-not-waiting-on-people-to-come-along-for-me-to-have-a-good-time traveler, the hammock (as soon as I have two trees and two nickels to rub together, I want a hammock), my first time ever seeing fireflies (I had a spiritual experience watching these little lights pinpoint the night air... I forgot they were bugs), that damn cake (if I hadn't been slightly tipsy and full of beer, I probably would have eaten half the cake), hanging out with Chavon, her friend, and his friends (I loved them!), plus hanging out with Hispanic people (mmmm mmmm, I loves me some Hispanic people!)... this was one of the best days I've had in a while. No drama, no crazy people, no irritation, nothing but fun, intelligence, and some funny ass people. That's all I want.

*-I credit my Dad's side of the family with my (at times) short temper and ability to speak before even realizing I've opened my mouth. My debating ability also comes from this side of the fam.

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