Saturday, June 12, 2010


Some people believe that I love you is the sincerest compliment they can hear, so they wait for it, growing agitated if they don't hear it, or they wait to drop it, thinking that the earth will shift when they do. Or that their sincerest feelings will be understood if they do.

Well, I love you is just a phrase, comprised of words. We are all capable of speech, and anyone can say it. Talk is cheap and bullshit is free. I think I believe that the sincerest compliment someone can pay you is when they mirror part of their life to represent your own. That's no light thing, changing part of you to reflect someone else you hold in such high esteem.

I'm not talking about changing yourself because you're unhappy or anything like that, but something wholesome, organic, even. Something simple and true, coming from your heart.

So just know that when I ride home in the interstate semi-darkness, listening to techno and tearing up, I'm not sad at all. I'm tearing up because in those few minutes, you are dancing around the space in my head, your hand up in the air, fist pumping around, big goofy you smile on your face.

You know, techno's not bad at all.

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