Tuesday, July 27, 2010

better than I could have ever explained

I finally saw with my own two eyes that the moon does not rise into the sky, but simply hangs, suspended in invisible air.

I felt what a cool summer breeze is like.

I walked through the J.F.K. Presidential Library.

I stood near the water the Kennedys laid claim to.

I sensed the calm on hollowed ground, and felt my organs move within me in seeing clips of JFK and realizing the already known fact that he was real and existed in a time that seems flexible in my head, but concretely existed before me.

I walked around the Harvard University.

I met a hero.

I made new friends.

I cried in public.

I took criticism and accepted it.

I strengthened bonds with new friends.

I changed.

I went to Jamaica Plain.

I almost retched a shot of Patron while taking it.

I witnessed the theft of a piece of chicken.

I ate an entire meatball sub in ten minutes in the middle of the night in a convenience store.

I was stopped on the street by a white female who told me she loved my hair and wished she could cut hers and get it like mine.

I wore Timberland boots.

I played.

I learned.

I rode the train.

I ate an orange and slept with the peel near my head to clear my sinuses--and it worked.

I had many meaningful conversations with people I'd never met before.

I saw a sunset while flying above the clouds.

I practically wore one pair of pants all week.

I found out that I am because you are; that my humanity is directly tied to your humanity.

I grew.

I changed.

I was in Boston, Massachusetts.

I was at City Year Summer Academy 2010.

I am a City Year Senior Corps Member.

I am AmeriCorps.

I am blessed.

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