Tuesday, July 27, 2010

cell phone chronicles, pt. II

Just got back from a week away. I'll tell you about that later.

Mon, Jul 26 8:24 pm

The sky above the clouds at dusk's dawn appears like the imaginary flight to Heaven--a line of blue above patches of peach and swirls of purple gray--looks like we're flying through space to an unreachable destination of forever tranquility.

Mon, Jul 26 8:30 pm

In the sky I am saddened because I am not on the side of the plane where the sun sets, until I witness a milky orange white mushroom cap suspended in the now fuchsia blue sky. As it develops, I realize it to be the moon, rising in all its mystery. I am no longer saddened by my position, for as I strain my neck to look down out my window, I realize myself to be watching the same orange yellow moon I've loved from my window for years rise over the coast that is my home. What I have done in this lifetime or the past, or the next to deserve wrenching such beauty out of a mundane flight from Boston back to Miami, I'm not sure I'll ever be sure of. But I today am blessed, forever and always, and divinely, I smile at His moon, made just for me, as I soar over the illuminated coast.


I wish I could show you what I saw, and transmit directly to you how it made me feel. Hopefully the imagery can transmit the emotion to you, but the visual glory, I'm afraid, remains only in my eyes' memory.


Anonymous said...

*thumbs up* :)

Miss Malorie said...

*thumbs up back* :)

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