Monday, July 12, 2010


My bare feet connected with the temperate floor when I rose from where I'd slept, still rubbing my eyes furiously. (He always told me to stop when he saw me doing this. I guess he figured I'd pop one of my eyes out of its socket.)

I had to move quickly; I didn't want to be seen. There was nothing shameful in what I had to do, but it was certainly clandestine; something extremely personal.

I tugged my cloth shorts down and back about my hips the right way as I made my way to the balcony door. I unlocked it and stepped quickly out into the clean early morning air. Three flights up, I stared across the landscape at the mountains kissing the bottom of the sun. I stared at the huge white figure sitting atop a grassy mountain peak and was reminded of my secret task.

I walked to the corner of the balcony, looking out upon the sky, and with permission of my heart,



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