Wednesday, July 28, 2010

discoveries about men

1. Men like to listen to things at elevated volumes: By elevated, I really mean that shit is too goddamn loud, can't you hear? For some reason, surround sound to men is like pouting-without-announcing-when-you're-mad to women. The opposing sex doesn't understand it, and it generally results in pissing often aforementioned opposing sex.

2. Men leave shit... EVERYWHERE: nothing more to articulate.

3. Men watch Sportscenter, and everything related to sports, way too fucking often: I took for granted being around a man who browsed the sports news, but definitely could care less.* I don't understand what's so fucking entertaining about sports news, all day, all the time. I don't care. Really, I really don't care.

4. Did I mention I can't hear the news right now because a guy is listening to sports stuff on his computer with the surround sound speakers plugged in?

I rest my case. I don't think I can go on, I might get upset even further.

*--okay, so maybe it's impossible for a man to care less... but he did skip the Super Bowl one year to stay in bed with me. Just saying.


Muze said...


completely accurate.

Miss Malorie said...

I wish it wasn't accurate lol

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