Friday, August 27, 2010

money, money, money... SMH

You know how yesterday I was talking about hating being broke and all my money woes (and other various irritations)?

Well today, when trying to get my stuff assembled so I can go pay this rent, I realized that my money looked funny. And that restaurant I went to swiped my card twice for the same meal.

FML and SMH.

Sour taste is definitely in my mouth, and you better believe as I'm typing this, I'm on the phone with my bank, and I'm getting ready to be on the phone with this damn restaurant as well.

SN: the lady on the phone from the bank cheered me up with her simple delivery of the lines I know she has to say to every customer. She wished me an awesome day, and I felt the sour taste recede just a bit. Good humanity is so simple. But still, SMH.

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