Sunday, August 29, 2010

This is just a quick note... on the 90s...

I miss the 90s.

This is a completely random insert, but I figure I should add it before my actual entry, which is admittedly not as nice as this one.

I'm watching Black to the Future on VH1 (these type of shows, e.g. I Love the 90s, One-Hit Wonder countdown, etc. are the only shows on VH1 I actually enjoy watching).

And I miiiissssss the 90s... though I wasn't that old (I was 10 in '98), I still remember everything from that era... the combat boots/Dr. Scholls/Timbs with cut-off shorts, the shirts tied at the navel (I had one, before I had any breasts to speak of)... and the things I wasn't aware of in real time (mostly musically--I listened to the old school my parents listened to, so artists like Mary J. and Snoop Dogg weren't people I was cognizant of until later), I learned about later.

Nothing to me is as cool as the 90s. Maybe that's just because that's when I was a kid, but I miss it. Kind of wish I'd experienced first hand some of its gems. (I still haven't ever listened to The Chronic... yeah, I know. Way, way late.) Oh well. Back to 2010.

**side note: now the same show is on, but it's for the 00s.... *sigh* I am really missing childhood now.

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