Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I feel like crying.

This must be what it's like to watch the child you gave birth to step on to the school bus and wave goodbye to you as the bus drives away... well, in my case, it would be the child I gave birth to stepping away from me after I walked them to their class...

Needless to say, I don't have any children.

That's not why I feel like crying.

I'm so used to working with kids, being hands on with kids, being the one they run to, the one they hug, the one they depend on for all of their immediate life's knowledge... and now, that's not me.

I'm the supervisor who sits at the desk, and looks at the computer, and checks email, and makes phone calls, and tinkers around on the Blackberry, and plans shit, and does all of the things I always said I never wanted to do...

Sure, it's good to know how to do these things, so when I'm sitting at someone's desk one day soon, wanting a job from them though I don't want to work at a corporation and I don't want to have a traditional job and all I really want to do in life is be happy, healthy, under God's favor, have my family healthy, write, write, write, get married to an amazing person who is my other half that I don't know I'm missing, have a bunch of beautiful intelligent babies, travel the world with my hand in his, get old and drink lemonade on the porch as long as we're blessed to have life, and on and on and on and on,

I can say, of course I'm prepared for the position. Let me show you my resume...

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