Wednesday, September 1, 2010

circles on the lawn

my life is revolving
in big circles
like the kind little girls
turn quickly in
when they are bored--
head held toward Heaven
faster faster faster
around around around around
they turn,
like my life.

last year i was
electromagnetic putty
when after endless hours
of your present absence
you returned, so deftly,
like you always do,
to interrupt my getting over the dream that was you
by asking me how goes it
like nothing ever happened
like i didn't tell you i'm glad you're in my life
and to have you retort i met someone with great potential.

last year, this time,
the hope of you
that i kept buried in my bosom
with your simple message
and before i could half-blink
i was a fool in love with a wise ass man, again.
(sound familiar?)

last year, this time,
my life returned
to the same elliptical formation
it'd been turning on
ever since
he left his silhouette
trapped in my bedroom,
and this year, this time
you are the reason
for the
season of circular motion--

foolishly, i imagine that i'm free--
of you, of everything i ever
needed to be free of--
but really,
i'm just a kid, turning in one big circle,
moving up and down the lawn,
but still,
in one


Anonymous said...

Le sigh. One big fucking circle.

the good party is, is that it does end.

Miss Malorie said...

I would think so. At some point, it has to. But I won't know that until it's over. *sigh*

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