Monday, October 11, 2010

true love in the night's sky

As I stood in the kitchen, making a ham sandwich for dinner, my roommate called out that the dusk sky was pretty. Despite being privy to many a late summer, Florida sky, I am never immune to the grandeur of God's colors splashed uniquely across the horizon.

As I started at the pink and electric orange--with a splash of baby blue--I couldn't help but think of you, and how ephemeral life's experiences really are--just days ago, you were here with me. I wonder if I made the most out of our time together. I think about things we could have done, places we could have seen, things we could have talked about.

I can't help but liken the sky to the short term of our experiences. I went back to continue making my sandwich; when I came back to the window two minutes later, the sky had already begun its nightly transformation; the colors growing deeper and darker, receding from downtown's high rises.

I can't help but wonder if pure love is like that--like a dusk's sunset, a flash in the pan of an experience; always majestic; sometimes a swirl of many vibrant colors, but a quick flash nonetheless, always burning brightest right before it disappears into one haze of blue.


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