Tuesday, November 30, 2010

an update in my absence (I know, I know, this is familiar)

I promise you, I'm still here.

I'm in such a damn good mood today, but I'm also quite tired. I've been moving non-stop since I got home, from a conference call, to trying to catch up with a (sleepy :) friend, to cooking dinner, to twisting and rolling my hair, to making lunch for tomorrow, to catching up with my roommates...

You get the picture.

But, I just wanted you to know that I miss you. My most productive time of the day (writing wise) is unfortunately the time that I'm at work. I used to have access to my blog at work, until the powers-that-be in their cozy district office decided to strip me of that pleasure.

So, often I'll be sitting at work, thinking about you, hoping that you're thinking about me. Staring at my computer screen, knowing that with a few small changes, I would have access to you.

I hope you're feeling well. Even though I'm sleepy, my body feels rather rested, and my mind is in a different place. A very good place.

Today is my parents' anniversary, by the way. They've been married for my age + 2. That's a long time to be with the same person. But for all the ups and downs, I'm damned thankful they are still together, and they are both still here. I am immensely blessed. Immensely.

It intrigues me that a few short years ago, I wasn't cognizant of my blessings. How time and experience has changed me.

Can you believe it's almost 2011? I can't. Time is moving faster than I like, sometimes.

He has been gone for a week, and while I'm used to it (not only have we gone for months without speaking to each other, but in my head it feels like he's been gone for a year already, rather than just a week), I think about *him* all the time. I pray for him. I hope he's having a hell of a time. And I hope he's thinking about me too. If there's anyone who understands a present absence, it's me. I've kind of cornered the market on that.

I could probably keep going, telling you random things from my stream of consciousness, but I still have things to do before sleep. I promise you, I'll be back soon.


(oh yeah, I'm freelancing again. I promise I'll tell you about that soon enough :)

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