Tuesday, March 22, 2011

gym flow

There is no sexier feeling, than when I'm in the gym, and I step down off of that machine, and sweat is actually rolling onto my forehead, and my bottom half feels disconnected from my top half.

I live every gym experience for that feeling.

Curiously, when I was in Orlando (there are definitely gyms there), I never thought seriously about getting a gym membership, which is intriguing to me because I had more time, and more money. Hmmm.

I used to go occasionally when I was at UF, but usually late at night, and mostly when I was troubled. I saw results real fast though--my Freshman year (before my schedule got real; in fact, I do believe this may have been the only year I truly went) I did notice a reduction in my thigh size, though, back then they were barely big enough to be called thighs.

For whatever reason that could be the fact that everyone I run in close circles with seems to be part of this gym but only two of us actually attend regularly, I joined the gym here, and I've worked it into my routine. I don't wait until I'm upset to go, and I don't go one week and then not go for weeks at a time. I go as often as I can. I even go on the weekends, when I can.

If there's one thing that's true, besides the fact that my body feels differently now that I work out regularly, my confidence has increased. I definitely wasn't expecting that. But it can be said that I was feeling a little uncomfortable with some areas of my body (forget Freshman 15, which didn't happen to me, let's talk about the City Year 20). Now, I feel like I even walk a bit differently. A bit more confidently.

Especially when I step off that machine and feel like I'm walking on air, sweat rolling and all.


bmoreflyy said...

I get feelings like this when I go to the gym as well.

Miss Malorie said...

Yeah, it's a great feeling. I've been slacking though.

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