Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Hail Mary... la da di da di da di da...."

Tupac was only 25 when he was shot.

25 years young.

I've been watching documentaries and footage of him all day. I'm not sure why they are on, but they are fascinating. I'm always into conspiracy theories/stories, and I'm always fascinated by famous people with troubled lives. Not fascinated in a happy way, but in the ways of irony. How ironic is it that you are famous, and have more pull and money than any of us regular folk, but end up probably much lonelier than any of us regular folk are? It's sad, but a fascinating study of humanity, quite frankly. (Cue Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, etc. etc. etc.)

But still: 25? I'll be 25 in about a year. I can't imagine having the type of life he had, and I can't imagine that he was still the youngest of young adult when he was killed. He seemed so much older, so, so much older.

My heart is heavy for someone long passed.

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