Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three reasons not to date me

I was browsing the blog world today, and ran across a great post from one of the blogs I follow, Naked With Socks On. The post is titled "7 Reasons to Not Date Me (The Great Catch Myth)" and I thought it was a great exercise in keeping it honest with yourself. Though I doubt I will make it to seven, since I haven't been able to focus my thoughts on much since I sat down, I will definitely try to give you at least a couple. I am a huge proponent in being self-aware, and though I do stand by the fact that I am indeed a marvelous "catch" (if we would like to use such terminology--the sight of seeing that word and knowing that it is being used with me in mind actually makes me some kind of disagreeable), I know that there are some things about me that will not work for everyone.

1. I'm probably a lot more strong willed than you may want
Though I'm sure it may be very attractive to know that you have a woman on your side who can formulate her own thoughts, and is not shy about voicing them, I am very aware of the fact that I have quite the strong will. People like me are generally noted as "stubborn" or "obstinate." (A more formal way of saying stubborn.) I get it from my parents, both of them. I do not like to be wrong, and I will debate someone into the ground sometimes. I get heated, I raise my voice, I get mad expressive... yeah. I find it to be one of my more notable qualities, the passion I have, but it ain't for everyone.

2. I do not have a five-year plan
So don't ask me what mine is. I know it's a very popular question to ask people "where do you see yourself in five years" but I greatly dislike that question. Sure, I think about what I want to do in the future, and I think about what goals I have and want to accomplish, but no, I don't know where I will be in five years, and I can't say I know where I want to be, either. No, I'm not working to be the Senior Executive of x and y company, no, I'm not working to be a lawyer or a doctor at this particular level within five years, no, no, no: I have life goals, yes, but do they necessarily have a timeframe? Nope. Am I trying to necessarily give them one? Nope. I'm sure someone could easily see that as a lack of vision, maybe even as immaturity, but I see it as me being free and going where life takes me.

3. I'm a writer, so at some point, if you've affected me, I will write about you
Doesn't mean I'm going to put you on full blast or anything, but I do write about a lot of people, a lot of the time. People that come into my life consistently affect it, and more often than not, that appears in my writing. It has made people uncomfortable before, and I'm not beyond understanding how or why it could. But if you cannot be agreeable with the fact that I write, and that if I like you enough, I'm going to write about you, you might want to go holla at that chick at the bar that works in pharmaceuticals.

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